Japan-China Economic Association

 History of the Association

The Japan-China Economic Association was established as an incorporated foundation on November 22, 1972 with the approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry.

For a long time after World War II, there were no diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and by way of economic exchange between the two countries trade was conducted through so-called friendly trading companies in the 1950s. Following this, in the fall of 1962 Japanese-Chinese memorandum relations were begun through conferences between Kenzo Matsumura (former Minister of Health and Welfare, Minister of Agriculture, and Minister of Education) and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. This also came about through the signing of the Memorandum on Comprehensive Trade between Japan and China (called the LT Trade from the initials of its signers) by Tatsunosuke Takasaki (former Minister of International Trade and Industry) and Liao Chengzhi (Head of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, later President of the Japan-China Friendship Association).

The governments of both Japan and China were materially involved from the outset in the Japan-China memorandum relations, which lasted for the span of eleven years. The concerned officials on both sides pursued a course of reconciliation and friendship between the two countries which was premised on political, economic, and social structures, respectively. This was directly started in a format that promoted comprehensive trade between Japan and China, and took the general improvement of relations between Japan and China as a major objective. Liaison offices in each partner country were established, and the two countries set their sights on carrying out and expanding upon trade with one another in a long-term, comprehensive, and systematic manner. As there were no diplomatic relations at this time, exchange between the governments was practically conducted by the memorandum trade offices, which acted as quasi-governmental organizations. Exchanges of newspaper reporters from the two countries were also conducted under the trade memorandum. Such activities have led to the restoration of diplomatic ties between Japan and China after taking numerous twists and turns.

With the normalization of diplomatic relations on September 29, 1972, the role that these memorandum trade offices played as quasi-diplomatic channels concluded, and they were brought to a close. Conversely, facilitating economic exchange between Japan and China is indispensable for Japan’s development in the future. As such, demands for the creation of an agency to assume the memorandum trade offices’ function of facilitating exchange have arisen from all quarters. Upon receiving these, the Japan-China Economic Association was launched as a public-service corporation with the Japan-China Memorandum Trade Liaison Offices and the China / Asia Trade Structure Center as its parent organizations. This was led by the industrial and economic sectors, including Nippon Keidanren, while simultaneously receiving the support of the Government of Japan. Yoshihiro Inayama (President of the Nippon Steel Corporation) was appointed to be the initial chairman of the organization.

 Description of Business

The association engages in extensive and wide-ranging business activities as a contact point for Japanese economic and industrial sectors in order to further promote mutual understanding which seeks the sound development of Japan-China economic relations. This is done through efforts like Japan-China Economic Association delegations to China, which have been dispatched each year since the launch of the association, inviting top leaders from the Government of China and all quarters to Japan, and regional agency and city exchanges at the leadership level.

 Supporting Business Approaches for China’s Central Agencies, Regional Governments, etc.

The association also supports the building of mutual trust and business approaches through efforts like the dispatch of high level missions, including the Japan-China Economic Association delegations to China which carry out direct dialogue with the Chinese State Council and economy-related government authorities. This is also done through direct dialogues on the occasion of visits to Japan by important figures from the Chinese Government and top officials from regional governments.

 Dispatch of Parties to China which Conduct Inspections by Type of Industry and Region

The association provides information on participation in the various exhibitions and expositions concerning investment, trade, and industry which are periodically held in China, as well as taking part in the specialized inspection parties to China for specific types of industry. The approaches by to the upper level leadership the inspection parties which are organized and dispatched by the association are straightforward, and various accommodations can be made as well.

 Providing Information Related to Social and Economic Trends in China, the Improvement of its Investment Environment, etc.

The association provides the latest information concerning the actual circumstances in China, which are undergoing enormous changes. This is done through the association’s regular publications: the Japan-China Economic Journal, the Chinese Economic Data Handbook, and the Chinese Investment Handbook; as well as reports by the Economic Exchange Committee and investigative reports commissioned to outside parties by the association.

 Individual Consulting concerning Investment in China and Trade Transactions

Each year the association provides Japanese companies with the Chinese Investment Handbook, which compiles the essential state of affairs and most recent changes in the investment environment in China. In addition, it also offers consultations and consulting related to matters like plans by individual companies to newly enter the Chinese market, as well as problems and trade transactions by Japanese companies that are already there.

Moreover, help is also provided for resolving problems in accordance with consultations by companies that have already entered the market by utilizing the network of legal, accounting, and other types of professionals from the association’s regional offices in China.

 Holding Lectures, Symposiums, and Seminars, etc.

The association provides information on the lectures, symposiums, and seminars for hot topics such as China’s economic trends and institutional information, along with investment and trade orientation meetings which are held in Japan by various regional governments in China. Such activities can be utilized to obtain the latest, most up-to-date information and discover business opportunities.

 Support for Fostering Business Personnel for China

The association supports the fostering of human resources as personnel for business with China through a variety of programs that are held each year and which are aimed at its supporting member companies. These include the Special Training to Foster Managers for Companies Located in China (a coaching school for company presidents), which provides short, intensive training for administrators (chairmen, managing directors, etc.) at Japanese companies in China.

 Main Officers
  • Honorary Chairman: Hiromasa Yonekura, Chairman of Nippon Keidanren
  • Chairman: Fujio Cho, Chairman and Representative Director, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • President Executive: Iwao Okamoto
  • Managing Director: Kenji Inaba
 Organizational Chart

 Contact Information

AddressTelephone NumberFAX Number
Head OfficeSanno Grand Building 8F, 2-14-2 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan+81-3-5511-2511+81-3-5511-2519
Kansai Head OfficeThe Osaka Chamber of Industry and Commerce Building 2F, 2-8 Honmachibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 540-0029, Japan+81-6-4792-1776+81-6-4792-1778
Beijing OfficeRoom 401, Chang Fu Gong Office Building, 26, Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing, China.+86-10-6513-9880+86-10-6513-9884
Shanghai OfficeRoom 1601, Shanghai International Trade Center, 2201, Yan’an West Road, Shanghai, China+86-21-6275-0088+86-21-6275-2211
Chengdu OfficeN, 18, Chengshizhixin, 86, Section 1, Renmin South Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China+86-28-8620-3380+86-28-8620-3393
Shenyang OfficeRoom 1832, Guangda Building, 77-1, Beizhan Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China+86-24-2250-5758+86-24-2250-5759